Five Friday Reads 03.04.2015


  • Who needs creme eggs when you can make your own creem eggs?‘ from The Guardian. Is there a better way to say happy easter than a large, sticky-sweet Cadbury creme egg? Yes, a homemade Cadbury-inspired creem egg.
  • 1892: Times Square, Illuminated‘ from New York Magazine. Taylor Swift might not find Times Square’s 24/7 high-wattage lights blinding, but it seems safe to say that the residents who saw the first lit up with 1,457 lightbulbs exceedingly brilliant.
  • State of the News‘ from Monocle. Whether you continue to call it Burma or agree that it’s Myanmar now, it’s interesting to examine the country’s struggle for democracy through its state-funded TV news channel.
  • With Sugar on Top‘ from New York Times Magazine. Montenegro isn’t exactly known for its desserts — nor for its fine cuisine in general. But Francis Lam’s article on sampita argues that even less popular cuisines deserve their share of the spotlight.
  • Photographic Notes from Underground‘ from The New York Times. Sunday morning is a magical time on public transportation. Don’t believe me? See Nick Frank photos of European metro stations on Sunday morning. Beautiful.

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