Five Friday Reads 17.04.2015


  • What it Really Means to Eat a Big Mac in the Arctic Circle‘ from Eater. When McDonald’s is far away, the food conveys a sense of normalcy that makes any interaction with the product a memorable experience.
  • The Right Wine to Drink with a Sandwich‘ from The New York Times. Fancy wine and low-brow sandwiches sound like an odd combination? Eric Asimov presents myriad inspired, surprising pairings that force you to reconsider what it means to eat a sandwich and drink wine.
  • ‘Turbulent Calm: Dispatches from the front line in the war against distraction’ from Good (33). Living in the present and being mindful are the keys for a happy life, right? This refreshing article argues that focusing on mindfulness can sometimes feel all too mindless.
  • My Saga: Part Two‘ from The New York Times. It may have taken me more than a month to read it, but I loved the second part of Knausgaard’s journey through America.
  • Breaking Tradition‘ from Monocle (82). In a country known for their history and traditions, Milan stands apart for seeking innovation, even in struggling industries such as print and media.

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