Five Friday Reads 24.04.2015


  • How NPR Totes Bags Became a Thing‘ from The Atlantic.  Ever wonder why half the people on your subway carry seemingly-free logo tote bags? NPR’s decision to offer them as a pledge drive prize might have driven our mania.
  • Who Is Elena Ferrante?‘ via The New York Times. If you’ve read any of Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels, you’ll know the temptation to read the mysterious author’s identity onto the protagonist, also named Elena. Here are some thoughts about that.
  • Journey to the Center of the Chemex Factory‘ from Sprudge. The hourglass shaped brewing device might be a third-wave favourite, but the history behind this icon isn’t as exclusive as it may seem.
  • Too Many Books?‘ from New York Review of Books. Between the internet, magazines, books and more books it can be difficult in our modern era of abundance to figure out what to read. Tim Parks argues that this problem defines the modern reader.
  • Avocados Are Toast‘ from New York Magazine. Can the avocado’s popularity withstand price hikes as their supply diminishes due to California’s drought? This is the poster fruit for modern, social media-fuelled, healthy indulgence.

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