Five Friday Reads 01.05.2015


  • The Brilliant Complications of Heidi Julavits‘ from Interview. From complicated plots to writing with intention, this interview with author and professor Heidi Julavits has been stuck in my head all week.
  • Walking New York‘ from The New York Times Magazine. Rather than provide idle tours for eager readers, The New York TImes Magazine explores the city through various residents’ routine walks.
  • The New New Museum‘ from New York Magazine. The Whitney’s new, downtown location is about to open, demonstrating a shift in the museum’s position in contemporary culture.
  • Children of the Corn: Baby Corn, Demystified‘ from Serious Eats. Face it, baby corn is one of the best bits about take away Chinese food. And here’s the story behind it.
  • Meet the Man Who Translates Karl Ove Knausgaard‘ from The Paris Review. Don Bartlett, translator of Knausgaard’s My Struggle, discusses the joys and challenges of rendering the Norwegian work remarkably fluent in English.

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