Five Friday Reads 08.05.2015


  • The Tesco years: My love affair with a supermarket‘ from The Guardian. Among Tesco’s aisles of ready meals and packaged biscuits, lives unfold in sometimes happy, sometimes terrible, anonymity.
  • The Art of Fiction: Elena Ferrante‘ from The Paris Review. After years of silence, the author who writes as Elena Ferrante discusses literature, her writing process and her choice to remain anonymous.
  • How to Eat a Cheese Sandwich‘ from The Guardian. Cheese sandwich eaters take note: hard cheese, sliced thinly, on good bread. No margarine. Ever.
  • A Mother’s Cookbook Shares More than Recipes‘ from The New York Times. Splattered sauces, torn pages, broken spines, Kim Severson argues that old cookbooks reveal a chef’s mental geography better than their cooking.
  • Diets Are a Lot Like Religion‘ from Science of Us. Just as religion provides people with a structured world view, diets provide us with a codified way of dealing with the minefield of eating.

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