Five Friday Reads 15.05.2015

Ateneum, Helsinki

  • Culinary Complicity‘ from The Paris Review. Even if you swear you could live off of tonic juices from Organic Avenue, you’ll be craving a slice of chemical-steeped wine cake after reading about the dessert’s family origins.
  • On the home front‘ from Monocle (83). Once a building created for Franco’s regime, today Madrid’s Edificio Principesa houses a diverse cross-section of the city’s population.
  • Was margherita pizza really named after Italy’s queen?‘ from BBC Food. Zachary Nowak investigates the oft-repeated myth about the naming of Italy’s famous pizza margherita, revealing that the history isn’t as straightforward as we’ve been lead to believe.
  • Finnish Pancakes with a Side of Canada’s Labor History‘ from The New York Times. Despite the restaurants origins as a canteen for a Canadian town’s Finnish population, Hoito has gained a reputation for their dense, eggy pancakes, helping to remind the region of the once-visible Finnish presence.
  • Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey. While Currey’s book reveals cracks in the myth of artistic inspiration, Daily Rituals shines when illuminating the everyday in all its mundane importance.

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