Five Friday Reads 22.05.2015

Seurasaari, Helsinki

  • Mercury‘ from The Paris Review (212). A fascinating short story from Ken Kalfus that complicates what it means to be a protagonist and antagonist.
  • Our readers really do write in their books‘ from The Guardian. While I may be on the fence about writing in books, these reader photos presents marginalia as an quasi-art.
  • Why are we so bad at imagining the food of the future?‘ from Washington Post. Hopefully people in the future won’t eat soylent, but will they really be eating the mundane foods that science fiction characters eat?
  • Around the World in Pancakes‘ from Serious Eats. If you think a pancake is a pancake is a pancake, this listicle shows that a pancake can be breakfast or dinner, sweet or savoury, flour or vegetable based. A pancake is a cultural product.
  • From Italy, the Truth about Pasta‘ from The New York Times. This article from ’97 gives dried pasta its due, making for a refreshing break from fresh pasta mania.

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