Five Friday Reads: 29.05.2013


  • Looking at Appalachia Anew‘ from The New York Times. This series of photographs reinvigorates the presentation of a stereotyped American region, compelling the reader to reflect on their understanding of the country in which they live.
  • Home Advantage‘ from Monocle. Aremenia’s fortunes may have long been tied to Russia, but exploring Yerevan, the capital, reveals a face to the country that’s worthy of knowing independently.
  • ‘Chocolate Covered History’ from Lucky Peach (14)Most chocolate companies aren’t producing historically accurate chocolate bars. Mars does because of a man obsessed with chocolate’s American history.
  • Dante Turns 750‘ from The Paris Review. Not only does The Divine Comedy inspire multiple readings, Dante’s biography inspires analysis. Did you celebrate Dante’s might-have-been 750th birthday?
  • Why Coyotes Are Flourishing in New York City‘ from New York Magazine. There has been a record number of “coyote” sightings this year, revealing a new facet to the city’s identity.

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