Five Friday Reads 05.06.2015


  • If we’re all such foodies, why do we eat sandwiches everyday?‘ from The Telegraph. Despite increasing attention to food and diet, the cheese sandwich remains Britain’s most popular lunch. But that doesn’t mean we need to keep eating plastic cheddar on white bread.
  • Why Do We Eat Cereal for Breakfast?‘ from Smithsonian. The classification of different foods into different periods of the day is a recent phenomenon that evolved in conjunction with the industrial work schedule.
  • ‘A TV or a Lotus Flower’ from [wherever] (5). For Nepalese migrant workers, the items they bring back reveals as much about their success as the money they send home.
  • The Agency‘ from The New York Times. In Russia, internet troll farms exert  astonishing control over the internet.
  • The “prosecco shortage” says much about our conflicting attitudes to fine foods‘ from The Guardian. Prosecco speaks to our simultaneous desires of austerity and luxury, but last year’s poor grape harvest forces us to confront what it means to consume a fine food in a tight economy.

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