Five Friday Reads 12.06.2015


  • One Year: A century of birthdays‘ from The New York Times. Examining various ages’ birthday celebrations reveals a new side to Dutch culture.
  • Stop thinking and just eat: when “food adventuring” trivializes culture‘ from the Guardian. Although it’s fun to find so-called authentic food when travelling, excessive attention to a dish distracts from an inclusive appreciation of a foreign culture.
  • The deadliest volcano in the continental US‘ from BBC Travel. Mount St. Helen’s might blow up at any minute, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid an inspiring hike up this active volcano.
  • The Play-Doh of Meats‘ from New York Magazine. Most mass-produced veggie burgers are derided, but this scientist wants to create a fake meat patty that can fool the most devoted burger enthusiasts.
  • Christ Stopped at Eboli by Carlo Levi. Levi’s portrait of a small southern-Italian town during the 1930’s is evocative, astonishing and compulsively readable.

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