Five Friday Reads 19.06.2015


  • Culture: How close are fact and fiction?‘ from Monocle. The relationship between fact and fiction isn’t binary imagination/reality. It shifts as fact borrows from fiction and vice versa.
  • Party Of One‘ from The Paris Review. Marginalia illustrates our reading patterns. Sometimes these patterns are inscrutable to subsequent readers.
  • Ode to Norwegian Brown Cheese‘ from The New Yorker.  If you’re not a fan of fish, eat brown cheese in Norway. If you’re a fan of fish, leave some room for brown cheese while in Norway.
  • ‘McChampagne Wishes and McCaviar Dreams’ from Lucky Peach (14, Obsession). ‘He told the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel that he spent the last bit of his final unemployment check on a McRib Extra Value Meal the day he won a million dollars in 2010 .. he might have never discovered [the winning Monopoly pieces] had he upgraded to a larger size — “It’s a lesson on moderation,” Kehoe said.’ Best. Line. Ever.
  • Can Reading Make You Happier?‘ from The New Yorker. Bibliotherapy involves meeting with someone who has read much more than you and getting recommendations based on the issues you’re facing. It’s the self-help shelf for literary fans.

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