Five Friday Reads 26.06.2015


  • Two weeks of status updates from your vague friend on Facebook‘ from The New Yorker. We all have the friend who dramatizes their life on Facebook. Why do they do it remains a mystery, but it sure is a hysterical one.
  • ‘Take me to the Valley’ from Lucky Peach (14 Obsession). West Virginians lead the country in ranch dressing consumption thanks to a culture that still esteems packaged foods.
  • Dude this headlines is so meta‘ from The Boston Globe. Meta has become a buzzword for the twenty-first century’s self-referential culture, making a parody of itself in the process.
  • The Future of Iced Coffee‘ from The Atlantic. Blue Bottle is working to pioneer an iced coffee that’s available at the grocery store and compulsively drinkable. And — surprise! — it relies on milk and sugar, just like the Starbucks’ frappuccinos it sits next to.
  • True Lies‘ from The Paris Review. I lie about books and movies and I accidentally lie to tourists. That’s why I laughed.

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