Five Friday Reads 10.07.2015


  • Letter of Recommendation: Alternative Search Engines‘ from The New York Times. Using a search engine that eschews Google’s well-curated results means freedom to let your curiosity expand into topics you didn’t realize fascinated you.
  • Boswick the Clown Doesn’t Understand Why Adults Are So Scared of Him‘ from New York. More than just a profile of a career clown, this article explores why clowns exist on the cultural margins.
  • ‘They Will Squash You’ from Lucky Peach (15). People work to grow giant vegetables. And enter them in competitions to win prizes. Astonishingly, they all discuss this task as if it was as common as planting a flower box.
  • Timber Towers‘ from Monocle (85). To build cost-effective and sustainable buildings, architects in Stockholm are making their houses from wood, calling to mind the wooden houses that dot the country.
  • Enduring Summer’s Deep Freeze‘ from The New York Times. With the rise of central air conditioning and buildings that retain their temperature well, summer has never been cooler.

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