Five Friday Reads 17.07.2015


  • How to Conduct an Auction‘ from The New York Times. Short and descriptive, this article unfurls the seemingly impenetrable process of encouraging people to spend large sums on random goods.
  • Jump In‘ from Afar (June/July 2015). Beyond Sydney’s beaches and Melbourne’s cafes, Australia’s landscape veers from arid desert to humid jungle. Here’s an exploration of the little-explored north coast.
  • History of the Present: Yangon, Myanmar‘ from Places Journal. As Myanmar makes the transition from notorious dictatorship to budding democracy, they have the potential to transform their major non-capital city into a paragon of urban regeneration avoiding China’s artificially planned cities and India’s chaotic metropolises.
  • City Corners‘ The Urbanist (194). Although large plazas and parks are nice, it’s the small areas that make our cities personal.
  • Momofuku Ando and the Invention of Instant Ramen‘ from Lucky Peach. Although instant ramen is now a staple convenience, it was once a luxury that took a bit of scientific ingenuity to bring into existence.

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