Five Friday Reads 24.07.2015


  • Dispatches from the Silk Road: The Must-Try Uyghur Food of Kashgar‘ from Serious Eats. Influenced by India and central Asia, Kashgar’s cuisine will force you to re-imagine what Chinese food can be.
  • ‘Meditation on a Macchiato’ from Drift. A macchiato is a barista diagnostic: how do they interpret this polemical drink? A bad one is awful, a good one is the best coffee you’ll have.
  • The Quest for the Perfect Pad Thai‘ from BBC Travel. Although pad thai seems more Chinese than Thai and although it’s become a cliche exotic dish in the West, that doesn’t mean there aren’t good versions to be found in Thailand. They just might not be as delicious as you imagine them.
  • In the Swim of Things: Sapporo‘ from Monocle (The Escapist). In norther Japan, Sapporo residents enjoy a laid back lifestyle.
  • The Pros and (Considerable) Cons of Budget Bus Travel‘ from The New York Times.  Megabus is miserable. But overnight? I’d never.

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