Five Friday Reads 31.07.2015

Corner in Siena

  • Why everyone should stop calling immigrant food “ethnic”‘ from Washington Post. Labeling a food as ethnic relegates to being outside of regular cuisine, marginalizing it and preventing its integration into the mainstream.
  • A Hundred Cities within Seoul‘ from The New York Times. For a city as diverse as Seoul, you need many guides to show you the different ways to experience the city.
  • Life on the slow track — Italy‘ from Monocle. An overnight train from Milan to Palermo isn’t swish travel, but the long journey invites reflections and views.
  • The Outlaw Ocean: A Renegade Trawler‘ from The New York Times. This fascinating installment in The New York Times‘ investigative series on the high seas explores a ship that attempts to enforce laws when rules disappear.
  • The Folded Clock by Heidi Julavits. An amusing reflection on life through seemingly ordinary events, Julavits out-of-order diary is hysterical and intelligent.

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