Five Friday Reads 04.09.15


  • The End of Walking‘ from Aeon. The modern city is designed to discouraged walking, but cultural stereotypes against walkers will need to change if we want pedestrians to reign.
  • ‘The Importance of MTV Cribs’ from Apartamento. A scripted peek into someone else house reveals design choices, but really reveals how society perceives and classifies these certain objects and spaces.
  • Dining in the Wilderness: The Restaurants in America’s National Parks‘ from Eater. More than just cafeteria, the restaurants in America’s National Parks must negotiate between pleasing the public, maintaining tradition and producing healthy meals.
  • ‘Jonathan Franzen’s Great Expectations‘ from New York. Franzen is one of the few novelists who merits a feature article when publishing a new book. What does this say about literature in America?
  • “Moment” Is Having a Moment‘ from The New York Times Magazine. As digital media changes cultural perceptions of time, the moment has become essential in defining the social and political zeitgeist.

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