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Five Friday Reads 11.09.15

Verso Milano Centrale//

Five Friday Reads 04.09.15


  • The End of Walking‘ from Aeon. The modern city is designed to discouraged walking, but cultural stereotypes against walkers will need to change if we want pedestrians to reign.
  • ‘The Importance of MTV Cribs’ from Apartamento. A scripted peek into someone else house reveals design choices, but really reveals how society perceives and classifies these certain objects and spaces.
  • Dining in the Wilderness: The Restaurants in America’s National Parks‘ from Eater. More than just cafeteria, the restaurants in America’s National Parks must negotiate between pleasing the public, maintaining tradition and producing healthy meals.
  • ‘Jonathan Franzen’s Great Expectations‘ from New York. Franzen is one of the few novelists who merits a feature article when publishing a new book. What does this say about literature in America?
  • “Moment” Is Having a Moment‘ from The New York Times Magazine. As digital media changes cultural perceptions of time, the moment has become essential in defining the social and political zeitgeist.

Five Friday Reads 21.08.15


Five Friday Reads 14.08.2015

New York

Five Friday Reads 07.08.2015


  • Spending Time Alone‘ from New York Magazine. A mental geography of a solo New York. You will crave alone time after reading this.
  • An Illustrated Tour of Ice Cream Styles Around the World‘ from Serious Eats. Although ice cream seems like a blanket term for a delicious frosty treat, this article demonstrates the fascinating cultural inflections put upon chilled and sweetened cream (anyone else want a Mid-west custard about now?)
  • A look inside the world’s superhouses‘ from The Guardian. Even if these homes don’t appear wholly livable, the magnificent juxtaposition between interior and exterior forces you to contemplate the meaning of home.
  • ‘In the Gin Garden’ from Fool Magazine (6). Gin fuses together alcohol, botanicals and tradition, all with a healthy dose of juniper.
  • What It’s Really Like to be an Airline Pilot‘ from The New York Times. For pilots, jet lag isn’t the biggest challenge, it’s place lag and the mental jumps that accompany constant movement.