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A crayfish and rocket sandwich

Flickr via LuciAH

Chewy, crunchy, creamy: the rocket and crayfish sandwich mixes divergent tastes and textures better than any other bread-based meal. With squishy whole grain bread, toothsome crayfish, crunchy rocket and just a hint of creamy mayonnaise, the sandwich is an archetype of less-is-more simplicity. There’s a reason that this combo has become a classic grab-and-go lunch in England and abroad.

But, lo, the pitfalls! Add too much mayo and the sandwich disintegrates in your hands. Throw in so-called fun spices and you lunch on a wannabe crab cake. Too much rocket, too many crayfish: the sandwich falls apart.

Here’s how we’ll do it: grab your bread, ideally a whole grain with plenty of give. This isn’t the moment for your toothsome, crackly country loaf. Take a moderate amount of mayo, a teaspoon will suffice, and spread it evenly over the slices. Gently chop your rocket, layer it on one side and scatter the crayfish over the other. Close it up, cut it in an attractive diagonal half. Eat. Done.

What I Ate…err half-August edition

So, I haven’t done this in a bit.  You know, just make a mega post that shows (I originally typed shoes there…hmm, guess what’s on my mind) what I’ve eaten recently.  And seriously, I’ve seen the what I ate wednesday posts circulating around the blogosphere.  I tried to do that, I really did, but I just can’t.  Taking photos of every meal I eat in a day is hard guys!  So, here is some bits that have entered my mouth in the past week, or so.

Veggie Burger from Energy Kitchen. I tried to take a photo of the burger, but I ate it first.

Breakfast Veggie Egg Wrap with mushrooms and Spinach from Energy Kitchen. Again, yumtastic.

Smoothie eaten with lunch. Overpriced, but delicious.

Didn't actually eat all of this, it didn't really taste like much. Not recommended.

Cherry Torte Larabar. Now this, I definitely recommend. I don't like the cherry pie larabars, but I adored this one!

Overnight oats in a jar. White Chocolate Wonderful jar, oats, spiru-tein vanilla gold protein powder, almond milk and some chia seeds.

Cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter. I thought it was going to be an ace lunch, but I was left hungry all afternoon. Fail.