The Relationship between Tuscany and Italy

The Best (and Worst) Desserts in Italy

Reflections on Italian Coffee Culture

Eating in Italy

Tips on Hotel Breakfasts

Scenes from Padova and Mantova

Scenes from Bologna and Ravenna

Scenes from Naples

Scenes from Tuscany

How to Travel by Train

Italian Doors

A Trip to the Panificio (bread bakery)

A Trip to the Market

A Weekend in Bergamo

A Weekend in Vicenza and Verona

A Weekend in Parma, Italy

The Italian University Exam System

Italian Christmas Traditions

Italian Hot Chocolate

Venice in the Offseason

The Certosa di Pavia

On Being Homesick

An Italian Brunch at California Bakery in Milan

How (not) to Order Coffee at an Italian Bar

First Days in Italy


Scenes from Bristol: Stokes Croft

A Sunday in Cardiff

A Weekend in Bristol and London

Travel Joy Hostel in London

The Heathrow Immigration Queue

My Twentieth Birthday-London Style

Two Hours in London

London is in my Heart

Sunday Morning Coffee and Pastry (Paddington Station)

Bath Christmas Market

Scenes from England


I Walked Along Bleecker Street

Providence’s Coffee Scene

 Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Review

Scenes from Boston

The Best Sandwiches in New York

The Best Brunches in New York

Scenes from the East Village

Scenes from Brooklyn Heights

Scenes from TriBeCa

Scenes from SoHo

The Bikes of New York


Sightseeing in Stockholm

Eating in Stockholm

5 Unusual Travel Necessities

How to Avoid Jet Lag

All About the Airport

Is the year abroad the best time of your life?

My 21st Birthday in Copenhagen

A Random Trip to Paris

Tips on Museum Visits

Where to Get Coffee in Berlin

A Weekend in Berlin

Tips on Solo Dining

Tips on Packing Lightly

Tips on Solo Traveling

Four Good Cafes for Coffee in Paris

A Weekend in Paris

Flying During the Holidays

Thoughts on the Year Abroad

Things I Wish I Knew About Living Abroad

Traveling in 2012

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